Parents Concerned After Mowat Middle School Student Arrested for Threat

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. - Bay County Sheriff's deputies made two arrests Tuesday and are investigating a third school threat incident.

They involve students at Mowat Middle School, North Bay Haven Charter Academy and C.C. Washington.

Concerned parents picked up their kids Tuesday from Mowat Middle School. Bay County Sheriff's deputies arrested a 14-year-old girl for threatening to blow up the school while she was in in-school suspension. 

"This is not a joke, this is not okay, there are too many children that have lost their lives country wide just this school year," said parent Lauren Rudd. 

Lauren Rudd picked up her two kids as soon as she heard the news.

"I just came to get them today because I want them home, right now," said Rudd.

She said these threats hit home after her 8th grade son was threatened by another student earlier this year who brought a gun to school.

"He came to school that day with a gun to kill my son," said Rudd.

"We just want them to stop! Do I believe they are credible? Probably not but we're not willing to take that risk. We are going to take every threat as credible, we are going to throw the book at them because we are not playing games right now," said Husfelt.

Superintendent Bill Husfelt requires administrators to send out alerts to parents anytime there is an incident to keep them informed. 

"Do we tell parents we're dealing with something that we think is a wild goose chase, or not tell them. But if we don't tell them, then they get upset we don't tell them, so we tell them every time," said Husfelt.

Rudd appreciated the notice from Mowat principal Ed Sheffield. 

"He immediately says students are safe and everything is okay which is good," said Rudd.

Husfelt continues to ask parents and students to let school officials know if they hear or see a student make a threat. He also said if the kids who make threats aren't sent to jail they are likely expelled or moved to another school.

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