Panama City Remembers Norm Gulkis

Panama City Remembers Norm Gulkis

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Norm Gulkis will be remembered by all that he has done for the Panama City community.

One special part of his legacy will remain at the Panama City Marine Institute. 

"He's the heart and the soul of this place. He was a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Air Force. A pilot. Retired here in Panama City," said friend, Ron Boyce.

Boyce said that Norm fell in love with PCMI the first day he visited.

Shortly after he was on the Board of Directors for the organization.

Now, PCMI is in the process of naming its building after him.

Another friend said Norm was always on the move.

"He's always doing something, always working, always busy. And you ask him, Norm, why do you do so much for everybody? Because it makes me feel good. He said I do it because it makes me feel good. I get something out of helping other people," said friend Rusty Russell.

 Gulkis also pioneered and served as the president of Panhandle Crimestoppers.

"Norm was a mans man. He knew what he wanted to do. He knew how he could serve his community and he did serve his community," said Crimestoppers Vice President, Jerry Tabatt.

Friends said that Norm did all he could to better his community and keep it safe.

"I think watching how Norm cared for his community is an example for us all for how we can make our community better, because he certainly made this community better," said Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford.
Some said, those who knew Norm, loved Norm, and he will be greatly missed.

"We can't say enough about Norm. He had a wonderful life. He had a great life. He did what he loved and he died doing what he loved. And Norm, you're the man," said Tabatt.


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