Panama City Marina Project Plans Unveiled

Panama City, Fla. - After years of controversy, plans for the Panama City Marina were unveiled in a special City Commission meeting.

Last month we told you about the ongoing disagreements for the future of the marina and tonight residents had a chance to ask questions about the highly anticipated project.

The special meeting drew a standing room only crowd with differing views on this marina project. However, once the hostility died down, both sides appeared willing to hear what is to come.

The public got an open look of what the main developer is planning for the future of Downtown Panama City. Last week, Sonnenblick announced they are 100% committed to a flagship project that will be admired and recognized throughout the U.S.

"I thought it was a good idea for us to address the public and instead of misinformation flying around. this way we could very clearly announce to the public exactly what are plans are," explained Robert Sonneblick of Sonnenblick Development.

That includes moving City Hall to an old bank building on Harrison Avenue and placing shops, restaurants and even two hotels in the marina area. Not everything was the same as what they announced before though.

"It's not the same as three months ago because they made constructive suggestions to us and it's helping us make what will be what will be the final project," shared Sonnenblick.

Some of the locals weren't thrilled to hear Sonnenblick's plans.

"You're financial report, one I've been disappointed in because you have missed deadline on so on and so forth all the time. And you are supposed to have a financial report which you do not have tonight. It was supposed to be done six months ago," said Frank DePinto.

Even though the meeting was heated, the Commissioners are ready to see what is next.

"Well, I'm cautiously optimistic by Mr. Sonneblick's proposal at this point. It's still short on details and you know, we are already nine months into our current process. So, I'm hoping to see more over the next month," said John Kady, Panama City Commissioner.

City officials are optimistic about the future project and encourage the public to continue to weigh in. They are asking the public to let them know their thoughts and concerns.

At next month's board meeting, they will address any of the concerns or questions the public submits. If you would like to submit a comment, visit this website.

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