Panama City Leaders Sign Black History Proclamation, Address Oscar Patterson Elem's Future

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Panama City leaders joined Mayor Greg Brudnicki as he signed off the annual proclamation to celebrate the 92nd anniversary of Black History Month in February.

"We take the time, to recognize people that have been huge contributors to the United States," said Brudnicki.

Members of the Bay County NAACP and the Naval Surface Warfare Center Diversity Council stood alongside Brudnicki and Commissioner Kenneth Brown.

Brown took the opportunity to address the future of Oscar Patterson Elementary School.

The last majority black campus before integration in Bay County, is on the verge of closing or changing into a charter school due to failing academic requirements. This is a result of House Bill 7069 that was passed concerning "turn around schools" last year.

Brown says it takes the community to keep the school open.

"If they have 400 students, we need 400 mentors to come in and drive everybody together. The parents got to come, cousins, brothers, sisters, anybody who knows anybody got to come. That's what it 'gon take," he said.

Last week, lawyers for Bay District Schools filed a motion for injunctive relief to give the school one more year to improve.

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