Panama City Firefighter Saves Newborn Baby

When Panama City Firefighter and EMT, Marty McFaul, loaded up on the engine at 2 a.m., he and his crew expected nothing more than a routine medical call.
It wasn't until they got on scene did they realize time was working against them.
"A woman just, just had a baby unexpectedly," said McFaul.
The new mom is in shock and the baby is too quiet.
"The baby is not breathing, it's not moving," said McFaul. "The baby is still." 
This springs the entire crew into action. While other firefighters tend to mom, McFaul grabs the infant, wraps it up tightly in a blanket, and does everything he can to help this baby take its first breaths.
"And then I took a syringe and sucked out the fluids in the mouth and nose so the airway was clear and I stimulated it by ticking its feet," said McFaul. "It started to cry and breathe."
"When you heard those cries, what went through your mind?"
 "Relief," said McFaul. "I was totally and completely relieved."
A feeling of relief, followed by a feeling of satisfaction.  It's moments like these why McFaul loves what he does. 
"That's what were here to do and that's what we want to do. So, when we get a call like that, and take those actions and get an immediate impact on someone's life, it's really rewarding."
McFaul says he was able to move quickly and help the baby through the help of his crew members. The entire crew will be recognized on July 11th during the Panama City Fire Department's award ceremony.

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