Panama City Beach Council Discusses Spring Break

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - The Panama City Beach City Council is just wrapping an hours long meeting where the topic of spring break caused quite a controversy. This item wasn't even on the original agenda.

Mayor Mike Thomas suggested they add the discussion to the agenda at the beginning of the meeting and it was approved. One of the topics, scooters, caused quite an uproar.

People in the audience were upset about a proposed emergency ordinance that would prohibit scooter rentals past 5:00 p.m. every day effective immediately. Ultimately the motion failed because it did not receive the four out of five votes needed to pass.

The topic was brought up after Beach Police Chief Drew Whitman gave council members an overview of spring break and talked about the issues they had. He said one of the biggest issues officers faced was having to keep up with all the scooter-related traffic incidents. Because of that, Mayor Thomas and Councilman John Reichard started suggesting more regulations and even dissolving of scooter companies as a whole.

Residents and business owners in the audience were saying it's not an issue with the scooters, it's an issue with the police department not having enough staff to handle them.

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