Oyster Restoration Research Project Underway in Apalachicola Bay

APALACHICOLA, Fla. - Researchers from the University of Florida along with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission are in year two of a five year Oyster Restoration Research Project in the city of Apalachicola. Officials and researchers gave an update Tuesday on the progress of the study. The project looks at the oyster health, productivity, reef structure, and water quality of the oyster industry in Apalachicola. About 50 people showed up to the twice yearly meeting to hear what scientists and researchers had to say about the results of the study.
Officials talked about the three different areas of the bay they are focusing on. They say they have seen healthy oyster results so far in some project areas, but plan to continue monitoring the beds to learn more. Associate Professor of Environmental and Global Health at the University of Florida, Andy Kane, says moving forward they the hope the study will make a long term difference in the Apalachicola Bay.
"The goal of the study is to try to optimize management strategies to be able to support productivity in Apalachicola Bay including it's oyster fishery," said Kane.
The project is being funded through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

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