One Year Later, Caryville Gets Back on Track

Caryville Recovers After Town Hall Was Chained Shut

CARYVILLE, Fla. - The town of Caryville is working to get business back on track.

One year ago, the Caryville Town Hall was locked shut just after the clerk resigned.

The doors have since re-opened, but Caryville had been spiraling down a financial hole.

"Our revenue has hardly increased any," said Caryville Council Chairman Millard French.

Revenue would be a milestone.

However, this weekend French can look forward to some revenue; The Worm Fiddling Festival.

"We can't go nowhere but up," said French.

The Caryville Volunteer Fire Department is also running again.

"They're still funded, as far as fire protection funds but it will be back under the rule of the city," said French.

The new clerk, Suzanne Floyd, has worked 10 months so far.

Since Floyd's been employed, she's had to start from scratch.

"Nothing had been done for at least a few months now when I got here. So getting that up and running so that we had revenue coming in was a huge step," said Floyd.

The town also owed thousands in insurance premiums which has since been paid.

"The insurance is up to date," said Floyd.

There's still up to $60,000 of debt left - including paying auditors.

"Audits hadn't been done, like they were supposed to - financial audits - so we owe them a large amount of money," said Floyd.

Floyd said the debt was nearly $80,000 before.

"You celebrate the little victories...and the steps have been good and you know we are making progress," said Floyd.

French said by next year, Caryville should be debt-free.

"I project by the first of the year, we'll be clear free. Our debts will be paid," added French.

Caryville is also expected to open a Dollar General Store this September.

For anyone who's interested in attending the Worm Fiddling Festival, it'll be at the Caryville Town Hall on Saturday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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