ONE on ONE with LTC Allen West

ONE on ONE with LTC Allen West

By Amy Hoyt |

Published 08/26 2016 08:16PM

Updated 08/26 2016 08:16PM

Allen West is best known for his 22 years in the U.S.Army. He served in the military, and later became a Congressman from Florida. After losing a re-election bid he continued to serve his country in a different capacity. Now, he serves as the CEO of a prominent free market think tank in Texas, The National Center for Policy. Col. West also tours the country giving speeches. He visited Bay County on Friday to address the Republican Veterans of Florida. His address was centered around military peace through strength. "Right now, the Army is at 1939 levels,the smallest Marine Corps since World War I, and the smallest and oldest fighter fleet for the Air Force since we created the modern Air Force and the United States Navy is at 1917 levels". West said that's not how you project strength. In a ONE on ONE interview with News13's Amy Hoyt, West said he believes the next commander in chief needs to go to the War College and sit down with Major General Bob Scales. "Talk to him about strategic level decision making, West comments, because I'm not hearing a lot of that right now, and that's the number one concern".

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