Officer David Brady Speaks on Incident Post Reager Trial

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Now that the trial for Samuel Reager has concluded, the FWC officer he tried to kill is speaking out. 

Officer David Brady is now opening up about his feelings on the incident--post trial. "Did you think you were going to survive?" No, I didn't. I didn't. I was scared, real scared. When I was in the water I was also coughing up blood so I really didn't know how bad my injuries were," said FWC Officer, David Brady.

Officer David Brady, cruising through the Saint Andrews pass where Samuel Reager fired shots at him back in 2015. "It brings back some memories, It does I mean, it's still fresh in my mind, it's only been two and a half years. So yeah, you still think about it a lot," said Brady. 

Brady says he was back in the water just a month after the incident, but there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't think about August of 2015...when he almost lost his life. It was a hard day for him and his loved ones.

"It was emotional...because they thought I was dead," said Brady. Now post trial, Reager has been found guilty and Brady awaits his sentencing. 

"He tried everything he could that day to kill me and I think he deserves the full sentence," said Brady. 

However, he doesn't want to let what happened to him discourage others from joining law enforcement. His advice to potential recruits? "You've just got to be visual, nothing is routine anymore," said Brady. 

Samuel Reager is scheduled to be sentenced on March 23rd at 9 am. Officer Brady says he and his family will be there. 


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