Nurse Becomes Victim of Robbery Gone Wrong

Laural Hill, Fla. - A nurse in Walton County was beaten and robbed late last night in North Walton. Walton County Sheriff's Deputies are searching for three men involved in the home invasion. 

Three men kicked in the door to a home in Laural Hill searching for something. The at home nurse was injured and knocked unconscious but no one else was reported injured.

Late Tuesday night, deputies were called out, to 266 Richardson Road in reference to a home invasion, after three intruders broke in around 10:00 P.M.

Walton County Sheriff's Office responded to the call from a home healthcare nurse, who was watching the homeowner's 7-year-old disabled child.

"They kicked in the door and went in and attacked this woman. They knocked her unconscious and when she woke up, they tied her up and made her get into a position and kept asking her if she had anything on her and they ran-sacked the house," said Corey Dobridnia, Walton County Sheriff's Office, Public Information Officer.

The nurse reported when the intruders enter the home, they struck the victim in the face. Then she regained consciousness, the men then zip tied her hands.

    "She described one of them as being shorter approximately 280-300 pounds, but he did not speak. The other two were taller and slender. But the tough part about it is that they were both covered. All three of them were covered head to toe," explained Dobridnia.

The men were dressed in long sleeve shirts, black gloves and masks. Due to the possibility that the suspects left on foot, Walton County Correctional and Okaloosa K9 units responded to the scene.

When officials arrived on the scene, no track could be found.

"The investigation we are going to do from this point forward, is to analyze DNA taken at the scene. There was a foot print on the door. So, we will take a look at that and our best investigators are on it," said Dobridnia.

Officials reported the only thing the three men took was a large fixed blade knife from under the homeowner's bed. But, the knife was recovered in the front yard.

The Walton County Sheriff's Office is working on figuring out what exactly they were searching for, but they know they were looking for something specific.

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