New 'Alert Washington' Keeps Storms on the Radar for Residents

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Fla. -          Washington County residents are getting some extra help as they move into storm season. 

The county has a new warning system; 'Alert Washington.'

County officials actually launched 'Alert Washington' in January, put the Washington County Emergency Operation Center is pushing for more people to sign-up, especially with hurricane season less than a month away.

"It's very specific to addresses, and that's what's so unique about the system," said Public Safety Director Lynne Abel. 

"We received access to it, through the state of Florida.There's actually Alert Florida as well," added Abel.

        With nearly 25,000 residents in Washington County, officials at the Emergency Operation Center are now using this system to let residents know when a storm is under the radar.

The capabilities of the system is just unending, There is so much that it has the capability of doing," said Abel.

Text messages are some the ways in which residents can receive an alert, but they can also receive one via phone call.

"The National Weather Service is really Johnny-on-the-spot with getting those information messages out," said Emergency Management Coordinator Connie Welch. 

Alert Washington can also be used for more than one purpose.

"Other notifications are sent out by us, such as boil water notices and things like that in the community," added Welch.

Abel said in relation to the storms, the alerts could ultimately save a life.

"It can provide some critical life-saving information very quick." 

Residents who'd like to sign up can visit

For more information, call the Washington County EOC at 850-638-6203.

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