Neal Dunn Working to Appeal Water War Ruling

PANAMA CITY, Fla - Congressman Neal Dunn says he's still hopeful for a fair settlement of the water war that's had a negative impact on the Apalachicola river.

Dunn says he and other members of the Florida Congressional delegation are working with Governor Rick Scott to appeal the recent ruling of a special master appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

His recommendation favored Georgia, which is responsible for taking too much water out of Lake Lanier to supply Atlanta. That decreases the flow of water down the Chattahoochee river, which flows into  the Apalachicola river.

Experts blame the water shortage for killing Franklin County's oyster industry.    

The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to rule on the issue soon.

But, rather than wait for that ruling, the Army Corps of Engineers quietly adopted it's water management rules for the disputed waterways on March 30th.

Dunn says he finds that odd, since the special master criticized the Corps' past actions and the management plan.  

"Now I've dropped a couple of bills in Washington to rollback water management rules, river management rules," says Dunn. "One to just get rid of the rule. Vacate it. And the second one to remove it's appropriations. For that managing that river basin. So we'll see where those go as well but I, we'll work with Governor Scott. He's been very attentive to this issue."

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