Naval Support Activity, Panama City Changes Commanding Officers

PANAMA CITY, FLA.- - Naval Support Activity, Panama City had a change of command ceremony Friday morning. The ceremony honored Commander Douglas Huggan as he finished his time at the NSA PC. 

Commander Huggan served as the commanding officer at NSA PC for two years. Friday morning he handed the position over to Commander Jay Sego. Commander Sego said he is excited to try and fill such big shoes.

"Commander Doug Huggan has done a fantastic job over the past two years. And what I look forward to is continuing his service, both to the base, to the tenants, as well as to the community at large. Because he's done a fantastic job and I want to keep that going," said Commander Sego.

Commander Sego is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. After graduating he began his journey in the Navy.

"This has been a long series of tours that I've been through. I've been stationed on both east and the west coast, on four different ships, and then a couple of staffs in the pentagon. And then coming down here to the base installation. This is a great opportunity for command, one that I've looked forward to for a while," said Commander Sego. 

Members from the Navy base welcomed Commander Sego and his family with open arms as they start a new chapter in their lives.

"I'm very excited, I'm very honored to be here and to have this opportunity for this job," saidCommander Sego .

The Navy base has always taken great pride in working with the Bay County community. Commander Sego said he plans to continue with that mentality and lead his team members to do the same.

"One of our major jobs is to provide the safety and security to all the team members that are here on the base. And from there we take care of them and we reach out to the community and partner with them," Commander Sego said.

The new commanding officer and his family will move into base housing next week.

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