Murder Victim's Family Speaks Out Following Guilty Verdict

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - A Bay County second degree murder trial is over. Philip Moran was found guilty Friday of second degree murder for killing his wife and her dog in 2014.  Four years later, Melissa's family members testified against Moran in hopes of getting justice for her. 

"Closer to the end I was like, you know, what if they do find him not guilty for some reason," said Melissa's cousin Bonnie Miller. 

Luckily for Miller, that wasn't the case. The jury found Moran guilty of second degree murder after the week long trial that concluded Friday. Another of Melissa's cousins, Jennifer Cunningham, said she feels like they won.

"We have what we've been waiting for. There is a weight lifted off of my shoulders because he's going to have to pay for hat he did," said Jennifer Cunningham.

Though there is some relief for the victim's family, Cunningham said that sitting through the trial brought back many different emotions.

"I didn't think it would be this hard, but it is hard because we are now seeing things that we didn't see then," said Cunningham. 

Miller said that even though Moran was convicted of second degree murder, she and the rest of her family will always think of Melissa.  

"I thought it was going to get easier once we found the verdict out. Like we got justice for her but it, it doesn't make it any easier, it really doesn't. She was a great person," said Miller. 

Moran will go back before Judge Clark for sentencing on April 17th.

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