Mock DUI Crash

MARIANNA, Fla. - Across the nation, over 20 people die in alcohol related car accidents per day according to the US Department of Transportation. 

Within the last seven years, 11 local teens have lost their lives in DUI crashes. 

For Bill DeMott, his story started with one person not thinking twice. DeMott lost his daughter to a drunk driver in October of 2015 and now speaks to groups of people in hopes of opening their eyes to the gravity of driving under the influence.  

"To reach one is great, but to share this story to let them know that there's more out there for them than what they just saw," said DeMott. 

DeMott wants teens to know that they have a future ahead of them and that no alcoholic beverage is worth ending that. 

"We want to talk to them we don't want to talk about them," said DeMott. 

This mock DUI crash in Jackson County is designed to show students exactly what it would look like if they were to witness a fatal car accident. 

"Instead of talking about statistics and everything else, we want them to actually see what's going to happen if they make those bad decisions that has resulted in fatal scenes before," said Lt. Eddie Elmore, FL Highway Patrol PIO. 

Officers want kids to realize that when they get behind the wheel drinking and driving, its not only their lives they are putting in danger, but other people's too. 

"Drinking and driving kills teens across the nation so we've got to make sure they realize that one it's a bad decision and they don't have to make that decision. 

The crash scene included actual scenarios such as informing a parent their child would not return home.

With Spring Break underway, law enforcement wants to make it clear  that there is absolutely no excuse to drink and drive.

Law enforcement says they will be patrolling the streets and charging anyone driving under the influence.

More mock scene exercises are planned across the panhandle. 



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