Mirror Image Athletics Hosts 'Cupid Clash' Competition

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Over 90 contestants came out to participate in different feats of strength, athleticism, endurance, and even gymnastics. The 2nd annual Cupid Clash Crossfit competition was held Saturday in Panama City hosted by Mirror Image Athletics. 

Contestants competed for a bundle of workout gear including custom clothes, medals and other donated prizes all valued at around $500. The competitions included pull ups, squats, burpees, a surprise synchronized work out competition, and much more. The event was for all, from beginners to experts.

"For me its all about life longevity and happiness so if you're unfit or have a hard time standing up, bending over picking something up, you're just not going to have a great quality of life. So for us, its quality of life, life longevity, you just want to be healthy to eighty, ninety, one hundred years old," said Mirror Image Athletics Owner, Jake Sostheim.

The owner also says he plans to host this event every year right around Valentines Day weekend.

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