MHS Students Art Will Hang in Capitol Building

MHS Students Art Will Hang in Capitol Building

MARIANNA, Fla. - One Marianna High School student found inspiration for an award winning piece of art, after her sister posted a photo on social media.

"She posted it on instagram and it was for somebody's birthday and it was a really cool picture and the contrast was really nice.," said Madison Retherford, 2018 Congressional Art Competition Winner.

So, she asked her art teacher if she could use it as an assignment for her advanced placement art class.

Little did she know how well it would turn out.

So well that they entered it into the 2018 congressional art competition.

"I just finally decided, their work is so strong, we need to enter this," Dr. Jerri Benton, MHS Art Teacher.

Dr. Benton entered three of her students work in the competition, but Retherford's came out on top.

Retherford got a phone call from Washington, D.C., with the news that her piece 'My Sister, Avery" had won first place.

"I was very very excited," Retherford said. "Then I ran, scared my mom half to death because she was in her car already, and then screamed in her face that I won the congressional art contest."

Retherford said her favorite part about the piece is the illustration of her sisters nose.

"I really like the freckles, and it's very three dimensional, especially because of the way the flash went off in the picture," said Retherford.

Dr. Benton said Retherford has come a long way since she started her art classes, three years ago, and she couldn't be happier for her accomplishment.

"Very deserving, she worked long and hard on that one piece," Dr. Benton said. "She had a lot of work that she had to get done but she still, on each piece spends the amount of time that she needs to to get it just right."

This piece of art will hang in the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., along with other winners from other districts across the country.

Retherford said she is proud of herself.

"That's the best thing I think I've ever done in my entire life, so it's definitely my favorite this year," said Retherford.

Retherford will have to recreate 'My Sister, Avery' to send to the BETA Nationals Art Competition in June, since the original will be in Washington.


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