Mexico Beach residents petition for "Leave No Trace" ordinance

By Tiffany Jackson |

Published 07/29 2016 11:43PM

Updated 07/29 2016 11:43PM

A group of Mexico Beach residents is working to bring a "Leave No Trace" Ordinance to the unforgettable coast. They spent the entire day getting signatures for a petition.
Tanya Castro just recently completed her second term as a Mexico Beach Council Member, but now as a resident she's still hoping to create new ways to protect the beaches.
It's no secret that Mexico Beach residents are proud of their city.
"You know, it's our beautiful beach, our small town charm, that's what makes it so special," said Tanya Castro, "Leave No Trace" Petition Committee.
They believe the beaches of Mexico Beach are missing one thing.
"We're surrounded by beaches who are trying to take that step to protect their beach and we need to follow suit," said Castro.
Residents are taking matters into their own hands to enact a "Leave No Trace" Ordinance.
"We just want common sense. Leave no trace ordinance, take it with you when you leave. It's pretty simple. Take your trash, take your stuff, enjoy our beautiful beach and enjoy our town, but respect it. Help us keep it clean," said Castro.
All day Friday groups were out around town knocking on doors and asking for signatures on their petition.
"We haven't had a single person tell us no. Everyone we've asked has signed the petition today," said Castro.
The group has to collect 279 signatures in support of the ordinance.
"Once we collect those signatures the council, and they are verified by the Supervisor of Elections, the council either has to adopt the ordinance or put it on the ballot for the voters to decide," said Castro.
They've only been gathering signatures for one day, but that may be all they need.
"I think based on today I'm pretty confident we're going to get those signatures," said Castro.
If you want to get involved and sign the petition for the Leave No Trace ordinance, you can contact Tanya Castro at (404)660-7408.

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