Medical Marijuana Signs Pop Up

Medical Marijuana Signs Pop Up

BAY COUNTY, Fl - State officials are still trying to decide how to comply with the will of the voters who approved the wide use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Lawmakers failed to pass a plan during the legislative session that just ended. But a sign advertising medical marijuana popped up in Bay County this week.

It says "Legal weed" All you have to do is call the toll free number to receive details on a $199 doctor's appointment that could lead to a legal marijuana prescription.

So News13 called the number. Here's the telephone conversation.

"Thank you for calling the compliance department of Florida Compassionate Use. If you are 18 or older, press 1. If you are a Florida resident with a Florida's driver's license or Florida state id, press 1. If you suffer from a chronic illness or everyday disability that is medically diagnosed press 1. Congratulation, you pre-qualify to obtain a medical cannabis license.

The phone operator continued.

"Are you 18? Are you a Florida resident? do you suffer from a disease or debilitating illness?"

News13 was connected to a man who identified himself as Amin, a supervisor with Florida Compassionate Use, located in Ft. Lauderdale. Amin describe the company as a club, where potential members pay $199 dollars to join. The membership fee gets them an internet-based consultation with one of the company's 368 doctors, they claim are certified to prescribe marijuana. If the internet doctor approves, then you're scheduled for a face-to-face appointment with another of the 368 doctors.

"To see if they do qualify under the Florida State requirement, for a prescription for the medical cannabis. then we start the process of getting their medical card with the florida health department. "what if the doctor says 'no'?" "good question. if they say no we will send them to a second doctor to get a second opinion. If the second doctor says no, in that case we will return the money back to them, of the membership."

Amin said Florida Compassionate Use has been in business for 3 months. Because the company's name is extremely similar to the state's medical marijuana program, web searches pointed us to the Florida Department of Health's website. 

"We are affiliated and we do work hand-in-hand with the Florida Health Department."

News13 contacted them about the company and the roadside signs. We received an emailed response saying the signs are not affiliated with the health department or any of the state's approved medical marijuana dispensaries.

"We help them get patients to go through the process to get their medical cannabis license."

However, the Florida Department of Health said that they're not affiliated with the company whatsoever and that the company is not one of the seven authorized dispensaries for medical marijuana. 

"We're not a dispensary at all. We actually give our patients access to the dispensaries by being in the program."

Besides the initial doctor consultations, Amin said that members are also entitled to some future discount on doctor visits as well as some prescriptions. However, the best advice may be to consult your regular doctor on any medications, including marijuana.

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