Man Spends Three Hours in Tree Until BCSO Talks Him Down

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - A man spent three hours in a tree Tuesday morning as authorities tried to talk him down. 

Around 9 am on the west end of Panama City Beach, authorities were called to the Dunkin Donuts on Back Beach Road. They received a complaint about a man trying to get into cars in the drive thru and allegedly telling drivers he was a convicted felon and that they needed to help take him somewhere.

Authorities arrived at the scene and the man had fled to the wooded area behind the pediatric center next door and climbed a pine tree. He spent about three hours in the tree while BCSO and other organizations attempted to get him down. 

"Hostage negotiations were able to talk to him, as well as his parents, who were on the scene. We were able to get him low enough in the tree to take action and now he's in custody safely and will be getting the treatment and help that he needs," said Bay Co. Sheriff, Tommy Ford. 

When the man got low enough, and after he allegedly threatened to harm himself and tried to form a noose with vines, the SWAT team fired Less-Lethal Ammunition and the man in the tree released the tree and fell to the ground. 

The man was taken to a local hospital to be checked out for minor injuries and possible dehydration. As of now, the man isn't facing any charges and BCSO says his health is their number one priority.

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