Man Arrested for Shooting into Home with Children Inside

Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. - In Walton County a man is in custody after shots were fired just feet from a vacationing family. Bullet holes found in a bathroom used by children. 

A normally peaceful, neighborhood in Seagrove Beach was disrupted late Wednesday night, when gun shots were fired from one beach home into a neighboring house with children . 

"Some people were sleeping, some people were outside. But, a majority of the people heard a bang and kind of assumed it was a firecracker. They kind of scratched their heads if it was a gun shot," explained Chuck Spohn, South Walton visitor. 

The extended family of 20 is vacationing here for the next week. At first, they thought they heard fireworks and shrugged it off. 

"I don't know, it sounded so loud," described Grant Whitney, 6-years-old. 

It wasn't until the next morning, one of the mothers found bullet holes in the upstairs children's bathroom, less than ten feet away from where they were sleeping. 

"I opened the shades and saw there were five bullet holes in the window. I was just like, so, scared I told my husband and said, um, there are bullets in our window," said Jennifer Whitney, South Walton tourist. 

"We were able to see the window. We found five holes, gun shot holes, in a window upstairs, second floor bathroom window," explained Spohn.

Authorities arrested 49-year-old, Ian Thomas Allen. Deputies say he fired a .12 Gage Shotgun numerous times from his second story balcony during a drunken rage. Too close a call for this vacationing family. 

"...had one of them been in the bathroom when it happened, I can't even imagine, it just it rocks you to your core what could have possibly happened," explained Whitney. 

"Parents and children were in that room and that's pretty traumatizing. It could have been a lot worse," said Spohn. 

Luckily, no one was hurt. The Walton County Sheriff's Office has the suspect in custody and they say the area is once again safe. 

The suspect is charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling and reckless discharge.

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