Lynn Haven Will Allow Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Lynn Haven, Fla. - After Florida voted last year to legalize medical marijuana, it's up to cities to adopt the vote or not. 

Lynn Haven officials have voted to allow the medical marijuana dispensaries. 

With the closest medical dispensaries in Pensacola and Tallahassee, locals who use marijuana for medical conditions are finding this vote to be heaven sent. 

"Oh, it was a relief," Ashland Ledesma, a resident in Southport, said. 

People use medical marijuana for a number of reasons: relieve of muscle pain, cancer patients who under go chemo-therapy, and mental illnesses.

"I was diagnosed with bipolar depression by the time i was in elementary school. I've gone through a lot of medications," she said.

For some, marijuana is the only thing that's helped their conditions. On Tuesday, Lynn Haven's commission voted, unanimously, to allow dispensaries within city limits. 

"To finally be able to say, hey, I'm better. It's a great feeling," Ledesma said.

The mayor stresses that the uses of marijuana will be strictly medical. It's not easy to get it, either. To get a card, you must be recommended by a doctor. You can then apply. From there, it takes about sixty days to receive a medical card.

"You can't just go in there and shop for it. You need a doctor's recommendation," Mayor Margo Anderson said.

Dispensaries must follow specific guidelines. They must look like a pharmacy and operate like a pharmacy. The mayor said the dispensaries and people who use the marijuana will be heavily regulated. 

Even if you have a medical marijuana card, action will be taken against you if you use the drug and drive.

Also, you still can't use marijuana in public.

For one local Panama City resident, her support for the dispensaries comes easy. 

"They're in so much pain. I don't know. It's common sense to me," she said. 


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