Lynn Haven Municipal Races Result in Declared Winner and Run-Off

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. - The results for Lynn Haven Commissioner, Seat 3 race, ends in a run-off Tuesday night.

Dan Russell gained 38% from 616 voters, and Tony Super gained 33% with 544 voters.

Incumbent Roger Schad loses his bid for re-election with only 15% of the vote for 242 voters.

Kevin Ridge brought in 14% with 224 voters.

However in the Commissioner, Seat 4 race, Judy Tinder is the declared winner.

Tinder wins 57% with 932 voters, and incumbent Joseph Ashbrook loses 43% with 699 votes.

Both Tinder and Super watched the results roll in at the Bay County Supervisor's of Elections Office.

They later headed out to 'Victoria's Last Bite' to celebrate, where Tinder is also co-owner of the business.

Tinder wants to continue her platform to build small businesses in Lynn Haven, and Super said he hopes the run-off will lean in his favor.

"I would like to welcome small businesses to Lynn Haven, make it a little easier to open small businesses here. I'd like to take a look at our bidding system, the way we bid out projects in the city. There's just numerous things that I'd like to take a look at," said Tinder.

"Four weeks from today I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing for the past four months, I'm just going to intensify a little bit more and get out to speak to more people and listen to more of their concerns with what they want to address," added Super.

The run-off election between Tony Super and Dan Russell will be Tuesday, May 16th.

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