Lynn Haven City Manager Contract, Salary Approved

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. - Lynn Haven City Commissioners approved the contract for the new City Manager, Michael White, after weeks of negotiations between him and Mayor Margo Anderson.

In his contract, White's salary is 135,000 dollars including benefits. After six months, he could also receive up to a 5,000 dollar bonus based on performance. 

This is about an 8,000 dollar increase from the previous City Manager's salary, and Mayor Margo Anderson it is for good reason.

"He is almost to his Ph.D. as far as education, he has managed a very large corporation for over 20 years with many many more employees than we have with a much larger budget than we have," she said. "So his experience was at the top of what we advertised."

The contract was approved four to one, with one commissioner and many members of the public having concerns that this increased salary will cost tax payers too much. But White said he guarantees they will get their money's worth.

He is under a three year contract, but if for some reason it did not work out, the contract gives both parties a way out.

For White, he can resign with two months notice, but Mayor Anderson explained that the Commission can take action any time. 

"The Commission always has the option of voting to remove the City Manager. So, it is a precarious position, it is political -- therefore if we're not happy with Mr. White's services at some point, we always have the option of doing something else," she said.

In his contract, White is also required to relocate and become a resident of Lynn Haven within the next year and a half.

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