Lucy Buffett Exclusive Interview

Destin, Fla. - Southern celebrity chef, Lucy "LuLu" Buffett, the "crazy sista" herself, visited Florida's Panhandle to share her deep love for the Gulf Coast and celebrated the release of her new book, Gumbo Love. 

"I wanted people to get a real sense of what the Gulf Coast is like. And, half the people, well they know Florida has a beach, but no one knew Alabama had a beach or Mississippi. So, that Mississippi, Alabama, the Panhandle that's my home. That's where I grew up," Lucy Buffett told us. 

Cooking her way from coast to coast, before returning home, Lucy Buffett originally had a modest gumbo and burger joint. Now, she is a successful restaurateur. Lucy Buffett opened up about sharing her special love of the south, with the world. 

"I'm a Gulf Coast girl and Destin was always going to be the go to second place. Simply intuitively, I felt it was as much a part of my home as the Panhandle. And I had to find the right place along the Panhandle that would fit my restaurant concept, but I always thought Destin would be it." 

Lucy's new book, affectionately known as 'Gumbo Love' is a delicious love letter to the Gulf Coast's lively culture. 

"It's an homage to the Gulf Coast, which is a place that I love, I adore it. We have such a vibrant food culture."

Gumbo Love is a definitive guide to how Lucy's love for cooking and serving others was born. Her book is sprinkled with over 100 new recipes, along with stories that she says, readers will love, including her famous gumbo. 

"It's not the first dish I learned to cook, but it's the first dish I ever learned, I mastered. So, it became very meaningful for me and then it became a philosophy of really embracing life and knowing that life is working for me and not against me." 

You never know what this southern celebrity chef will get into along the Gulf Coast next, but you can bet it will be infused with food, friends and fun.

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