Three Things to Know about Stroke

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Identify the signs of a stroke with this easy acronym: "Be Fast."
B stands for a sudden change in balance.
E stands for a sudden change in your eyes. Your vision may become suddenly blurry.
F stands for facial drooping.
A stands for arm, or any extremity, that may suddenly go numb or feel extremely weak.
S is for speech, which may become slurred.
T is for time to call 911. 
"Time is everything, because every second thousands and thousands of neurons are dying," said Stroke Coordinator, Paula Gould, at Bay Medical Sacred Heart.
The American Stroke Association says high blood pressure is stroke's public enemy #1. 
"It's a silent killer so a lot of people are walking around with blood pressures that are not controlled and completely unaware of it," said Gould. She said high blood pressure is the number one controllable risk factor for stroke.
Anyone can have a stroke, but there are certain risk factors that increase your chances such as having a family history, being African American, and being a female.
"For every one female in America who has breast cancer and dies from it, there are three females dying from stroke," said Gould.

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