PCBFR Helps Move Hospice Patients Out of Condo

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - Most mornings usually start with firefighters checking their supplies and equipment to make sure everything is in order for their unpredictable 24 hour shift.
But just last week, there was a call for help, unlike any other, that required nothing in their medical kit or even the fire truck.
"This was an interesting call," said Firefighter/EMT Joey Middlebrooks. "We've never been called to help someone move, and its not typical of us to do. But we do what we can to help people, and we had a really good time doing it."
Hospice called Panama City Beach Fire Rescue after only one volunteer showed up to help two hospice patients move out of their condo. 
"Luckily, we had a full shift that day, so we took a few guys over and made pretty quick work out of something that would've taken a long time," said Lieutenant Brandon Mumford.
Those firemen included Lt. Mumford, Middlebrooks, Chief Stephen Miller, Trent Poe, and Matt Giammarino.
"When the guys in red show up, it's not always a good time, said Arthur Cullen. "But for this day, it was a great time." Cullen was the solo volunteer who showed up help the Hospice patients, who he had never met, move out of their Panama City Beach condo to Texas to be closer to family. 
Cullen said he had no idea Hospice called in the firemen, so he was first shocked when he saw them pull up. Cullen had already spent six hours moving with one of the hospice patient's family members.
"All five of them showed up and in 45 minutes, they did what probably would've taken us another two to three hours to get accomplished," said Cullen.
'Dedicated to customer service,' is written on their fire trucks, for all to see. But most of the time, moments like this go unseen.
"Well, we love to help people, that's what we do in the fire service, and so anybody's worst day, if we can make it better that's what we do," said Middlebrooks.
Some of these same firemen also helped a woman stranded on the side of the road the week before. Since her house wasn't too far, they took her to her home and they put coolant in her car. 

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