Former Explorer Helps Others "Explore" Law Enforcement Career

Published 09/27 2016 01:17PM

Updated 09/27 2016 01:18PM

Panama City Police Officer Tabitha Laffoon serves as an advisor for the department's Explorers Program, which teaches leadership and the basics of law enforcement to young adults.
"When they see you invest your time, you know they want to give a hundred percent of themselves," said Officer Laffoon.
You could say she's paying it forward, giving back to a program she credits for where she is today. 
"At 14, I myself joined Explorers," said Officer Laffoon. "I loved it."
While an active and successful member of the program, Laffoon first chose a different career path when she graduated high school.
"I actually got a teaching degree," said Laffoon. "I actually like helping kids and being around them, but realized law enforcement was something I still really wanted to do."
Laffoon joined the Panama City Police Department in 2014. 
When the teacher-turned-cop isn't patrolling Panama City, she's serving as a role model for teenagers in the Explorers program. She aims to be the role model she once looked up to, when she was an Explorer.
"I enjoy being able to help the teenagers and help them grow," said Laffoon.

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