Local Man Saves Distressed Swimmer

Panama City Beach, Fla - Accidents on the water can happen in the blink of an eye, and it is important to know even if the water is beautiful, it can also be dangerous.
One visitor to Panama City Beach  found that out the hard way, and was rescued by a local man who knew what to do.
Doug Crosby told New's 13, "When its calm and its so nice you just become complacent, but it's still there, the power is still there and the danger is still there and that's it, just be aware that anything could happen at any time."
Crosby and his family were spending the day at Panama City Beach yesterday when he noticed a swimmer a swimmer was in distress just past the second sand bar.
Crosby jumped into action when a young man had fallen off his inflatable raft and couldn't swim. That's when Crosby grabbed a family surfboard and headed out to help.
Crosby's wife, April said that the young swimmer was shaken when they got back to shore, but gave Crosby a big thank you hug, which ended up being photographed.
"My sister in law took the picture.  She sat there for a minute and she said 'oh my goodness, oh my goodness.  Look at this, look at this.' And there was just this beam of light coming down over him, and I believe that was a sign from God; that I'm always there, I'm in control and I'm always watching.  Anyways, it was a very powerful statement for us," said Crosby. 
Crosby said he does not feel like a hero, and that he did what anybody would have done. He wanted  to use incident as a reminder to be careful when swimming in the gulf.
Remember to never swim alone, and try your best to stay calm till help arrives. 

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