Local Group Wants to 'Restore' Community With Free Services

SNEADS, Fla. - A group of Jackson County women wants to provide access to better care for local kids.

Restoration Network's, a non-profit organization, mission statement is to restore the youth and community one child at a time. 

"You see a lot of things behind the fence and you see a lot of juveniles in prison that maybe, if they would have had somewhere to go, maybe if they would have had someone to talk to they might not have ended up in the situation they're in," said President Cher Marlow.

The group is partnering with Florida State University to provide a free workshop for families raising children with autism and other special needs.  

"We're going to give educators and parents, caregivers, information in order to better equip themselves with a new diagnosis or you could of had a kid with any type of diagnosis," said Marlow.

One of their new initiatives is free vacation bible school.

Another initiative is partnering with the Jackson County School Board to provide kids with free meals.

"When these kids leave here they know they had a good breakfast they done had a good lunch, and that means a lot. It really does," Restoration Network Secretary Christine Dawson. 

Volunteer Carolyn Dozier has been able to take advantage of the program.

"The program keeps our kids well taken care of to make sure they have breakfast and lunch while I'm at work and the other parents at work and even after then some evenings," said Dozier.

Community relations Director Bridgett Atkins says every effort counts.

"Even if it's just something small, you know. It's giving back. I can't pay back but I can give back in my time," said Bridgett Atkins.

Vacation bible school will continue until July 30th.

        The upcoming workshop will be July 29th, for more information contact Cher Marlow at restorationnetworkllc.share@outlook.com

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