Local family has 'house divided' during Rivalry Week

The FSU Seminoles beat the UF Gators 27-2 Saturday night

By Maggie Solomon | msolomon@wmbb.com

Published 11/28 2015 11:46PM

Updated 11/29 2015 12:21AM

It's 'Rivalry Week' for football fans, and the Florida State Seminoles earned their bragging rights for the next year. But whether you chomp or chop, win or lose, in the Panhandle, this weekend is one college football fans anticipate all season.
Laura and Jamey Wright have been together for more than 20 years, but come Rivalry Week, they become rivals themselves. Laura is a Florida Gators fan, while Jamey is a Florida State Seminoles fan. Game day is a tradition at their home when they pull out the Christmas decorations and watch the referees make calls while 'decking the halls.'
"We have our ornaments up there on the tree and whoever wins tonight, their ornament will be at the top," said Laura.
There's more than just ornaments, though. Gator gear and Seminole stuff can be found throughout their home.
"When we walk through the grocery store, someone will always say something," said Laura. 
Added Jamey, "Well, we have to make it work because we have a child together. Unfortunately, my child has turned to the dark side; she likes the Gators."
But when it's all said and done, it's a fun rivalry that makes football season a bit more exciting. 
"But you know in all I think it's a lot of fun, it really is," said Jamey. "The rivalry is really funny. It's fun to get involved in it. And that's half the fun is all the rivalry."
Unfortunately, only one could come out on top, and the Seminole ornament is probably now atop the tree. The Seminoles beat the Gators 27-2 Saturday.

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