Local Church Members Serving on a Mission Trip in Guatemala as the Fuego Volcano Erupts

CHIPLEY, Fla. - More than 60 people have died from the Fuego Volcano eruption in Guatemala that happened on Sunday. Seven people from the First Baptist Church in Chipley are serving on a mission trip in the area and arrived on site Saturday. 


The mission trip is through the organization One More Child. The group says they provide services for childhood hunger, family support, anti-human trafficking, foster care, and assisting single moms. 

They have been helping children and families in Guatemala for ten years. One More Child's Vice President Andrew Tattrie said members have been keeping the organization up to date with what's happening. 

"We made sure that everybody was safe and were so thankful for that and we've already had some conversations with local officials about the best way we as an organization can help, we're still in conversation with them to determine how we may be able to he, but we do have every intention of being a support and help to those families and to the people who have been affected by this volcano," said Tattrie. 


The group will be returning to the states on Friday and Chipley on Saturday.

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