'Liquor By The Drink' in Jackson County

Liquor By The Drink

JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. - When dining in restaurants in Jackson County, your only adult beverage options are beer and wine.

But, thanks to a small group of local business men and women, that might change very soon. 

The idea of letting the public vote on whether or not they want 'liquor by the drink' in Jackson County was presented to the county commission and with a unanimous vote,the election will move forward.

"There will be an election on November 14th by mail in ballot to decide, by the Jackson County voters as to whether this will be allowed or will not be allowed," said group member, Paul Donifro.    

In years past members of the community had to sign a petition to get liquor by the drink in Jackson County to the ballot.

Although, there was a previous attempt the issue never made it to the voters.

But, due to a change in the legislation, getting the election on a ballot this go round was a lot    easier. 

"So in our particular case, we knew that the county commission, some of them had expressed support for this initiative, to place this in the hands of the voters," said Donifro.

Some people in the community are still opposed to the idea.

So, every qualified voter in Jackson     County will receive a ballot and make their own decision.

"When the ballot comes in the mail, they'll vote the way they want to. And hopefully we'll have a good voter turn out to get the, you know, what the people want in Jackson County," said Clint Pate, District 2 County Commissioner.


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