Life Management Center Works to Find Children Forever Homes During National Adoption Month

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - November is national adoption month so officials are working over time to find families willing to provide a forever home to local kids.
"National adoption month is recognized just as an extra time for us to focus on the need to find homes for children who are in foster care looking for loving and permanent homes," said Life Management Center Recruitment and Retention Specialist Kasey Killebrew.  
There are more than 300 children right now who have been removed from their homes in the circuit 14 area.
"Which is our six county area and that includes Bay, Gulf, Holmes, Washington, Jackson, and Calhoun counties," said Killebrew.
In Bay County alone, there are currently 37 children who are looking for homes who do not have identified homes available.
"We have a huge problem with domestic violence and substance abuse here in Bay County and we have children who are removed from their homes everyday and always looking for loving and safe, stable homes for these kids," said Killebrew.
The need for foster homes is just as serious as the need for forever homes in the Panhandle, both of which are pertinent to helping children in need. 
"We just have a huge need for foster homes right now. We need people to open up their homes and be willing to take in these kids and provide them with a loving stable environment," said Killebrew.
Life Management Center is working to finalize as many adoptions as possible during national adoption month. The organization is currently working on a very unique and challenging case that they're asking the public for help with, a sibling group of seven looking to stay together.
"We are trying our hardest to find a home to keep them together. The children range in ages from 3 to 11 and there is also a set of twins in that group, both are ten years old. So it's very important to keep them together," said Killebrew.
If you're interested in adoption or fostering, click here or visit the Life Management Center of Northwest Florida website. 

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