Legal Firms Looking for Jackson Co. to Join Opioid Crisis Fight

Legal Firms Looking for Jackson Co. to Join Opioid Crisis Fight

The opioid crisis has hit Northwest Florida hard. Officials said the medications are easier to obtain than ever before in the state.

"Those drugs were meant for end of life type things, for pain. But they're being prescribed for, you have back surgery? You're 30 years old? It's not unusual to be prescribed for that," Ernie Padgett, County Administrator.

The Jackson County Board of County Commissioners met with local legal firms to discuss the possibility of being represented to fight the manufacturers of the drugs.

Both Chris Young of Perry and Young Attorneys at Law and Cliff Higby of Bryant and Higby Attorneys at Law, presented facts about the opioid crisis and how they plan to help help the state overcome it.

Both firms have asked other local governments to join them in the fight.

"What you have now is a movement by some, whether the states looking at it, local governments are looking at it to see if they want to be a party to larger lawsuit that will go against these manufacturers and distributors of these opioids," Ernie Padgett, County Administrator.

If the Jackson County Board of Commissioners decides to be a part of that movement, they will have to choose which legal firm will represent the county.

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