Kids Head Back to School in Bay County

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Summer vacation is officially over for children around the panhandle. Thursday was the first day of school for Bay District Schools... but the day was filled with many other firsts. 

The first day of school brings all sorts of excitement. 

"We've had a great first day, we've had lots of happy parents, lots of happy kids," said Patronis Elementary School Assistant Principal Brooke Loyed.

At Patronis Elementary School, it's the first time kindergartners experience the classroom. Across town at Bay High School, another first. Louis Davis is starting his first year as a teacher, teaching 9th grade English. Although today is nerveracking, he is excited about the influence he could have on the kids.

"Just talking to them as human beings and letting them know that one day they will be the kings and queens in their community. They will be the lawmakers and leaders so lighting that fire in them right away."

Back at Patronis Elementary School, the day feels bittersweet.

"It''s my first last day," said Brenda McGonagil. 

Ms. McGonagil taught kindergarten for 25 years.

"To me when a child comes into this school or come into my classroom they come into an oasis, they can leave their troubles or any baggage they have at the door," said Ms. McGonagil. 

"Ms. McGonagil knows about routines and what you set up the first few days, first few weeks of school lasts all year long... she knows about hugs and kisses and knows that their teacher loves them and then they will listen and learn anything she has to say," said Assistant Principal Loyed.

Ms. McGonagil said to this day, she keeps in touch with her students and even attends former student's high school graduations. 

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