Judge Rules PCB Council Slander Case can Proceed

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Panama City, Fla. - A civil trial between a local media personality and a Panama City Beach City councilman is moving forward

Earlier this week Councilman Hector Solis and Burnie Thompson, were in court battling over a motion to dismiss in front of Judge James Fensom.

Solis claiming the defendant maliciously tried to hurt his reputation by spreading lies about his character and work history. Thompson saying it is not libel or slander if it's a matter of opinion and that his speech should be protected under the first amendment. 

in his ruling on the motion to dismiss, Fensom wrote that the case can go to a jury. 

"The Court finds that the Amended Complaint states alleged facts that, if proven before a jury, may entitle the Plaintiff to recovery," Fensom wrote. "As such, dismissal is inappropriate at this time because the complaint is legally sufficient for the proper consideration on the merits by a jury." 

A trial in the case is scheduled for January. 

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