JCSO Partners with Fmr. Sheriff McKeithen To Solve Cold Case Murders

Fmr BCSO Sheriff McKeithen Will Volunteer To Solve McCrae & Gilbert Murders

MARIANNA, FL - Jackson County Sheriff's officials are welcoming a new prospective on a nearly 28-year-old unsolved double murder case.
During Thursday's news conference, Sheriff Lou Roberts announced that former Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen will volunteer to solve the double McCrae murder.
It's the case of Robert and Kathleen McCrae; a Graceville couple killed in their home.
On January 27th, 1989 the McCraes were found dead in the kitchen.
They had been tied up and shot in the head.
"This case, like a lot of other cases takes a lot of man hours," said Sheriff Roberts.
"This is a cold case, but not a closed case," added McKeithen.
He and Sheriff Roberts said they've partnered together nearly three years ago by putting evidence from the case in a more accessible digital format.
Sheriff Roberts is excited that McKeithen is staying on board.
"He's dedicated his entire adult life to law enforcement. And over the years we worked a lot of cases together, and we he showed some interest in this as he has in the past, and now the opportunity presented itself that he has retired and has some time to dedicate to this," said Roberts.
The McCraes' murder isn't the only cold case they're dedicated to.
They're working to solve the Fred Gilbert murder on Highway 2.
The crime occurred on October of 2007, and isn't too far away from the McCrae's home. 
McKeithen said the McCrae murder is what he's been looking forward to solving for many years.
"The Sheriff has been inspired by the anniversary date and the fact that I've agreed to come help him on it and, I'm very impressed. He's very fired up about this stuff. I like that in law enforcement. We should be fired up," said McKeithen.
Family members of the McCrae's are offering $50,000 for information that leads to an arrest.
The Graceville police department, and the FDLE will also join JCSO.
Roberts said he and McKeithen will also work with the Florida Sheriff's Association's cold case division on the unsolved Fred Gilbert case.

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