Jackson County Cancels School for Eclipse

MARIANNA, Fla. - Jackson County's Superintendent is canceling school Monday because of concerns that students will stare at the sun during the solar eclipse. Meanwhile, Gulf County officials have purchased special glasses for each student so that they can safely stare at the solar eclipse.

"Looking directly in the sun at any time can cause permanent eye damage," Jackson Superintendent Larry Moore wrote in a news release. "But this unusual occurrence will draw more curiosity and attention, therefore the potential for permanent eye damage is much higher."

Moore added that the eclipse will still be going on while students are being released for the day and that purchasing protective eyewear is not feasible. Moore says there is no guarantee that students won't remove their eye wear and that there are reports that some of the eyewear being sold does not actually meet the requirements for safely watching the eclipse. 

In Gulf County Superintendent Jim Norton said the district is purchasing "ISO compliant solar-rated glasses," for each student. The students will not be permitted to view the eclipse without the devices. 

"As always, you child's safety is our top priority," Norton wrote in a news release. 

In Bay County, students will not be allowed to go outside during the eclipse but they will watch it via a NASA live stream. 


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