Jackson Co. Authorities Fight Drugs That Looks Like Toys & Candy

MARIANNA, Fla. - A drug shaped like a Lego toy has caught the attention of local law enforcement in Jackson County.
During the holidays toys and candy are all around, and now authorities are asking people to be vigilant.
"This is the first I've seen of the actual Lego," said Lt. Tyler Scarborough with the Marianna Police Department.
"We haven't seen that in the county," added Captain Scott Edwards with the Jackson County's Sheriff's Office.
The small Lego brick was found Friday night by Marianna police while they were conducting a search.
Authorities said it contains MDMA, or known most popular as ecstasy.
It's been a problem overseas in the United Kingdom.
"Most of the time when we find something like this, it's in smaller pills like your regular round capsule pills," said Scarborough.
What's most concerning is that this drug can easily be mistaken as something harmless.
"It is definitely scary, especially when you get stuff that mimics candy, it can get in the hands of the wrong people," said Scarborough.  
Police said it's also easy to get a hold of.
"People that possess these type of narcotics, they go to grocery stores...they get out of vehicles and putting their hands in their pockets and when they pull out they can easily slip out," said Scarborough.
They're working to keep it away from kids.
"Stay alert on them and you know, our school resource officer will work hard in making sure that don't happen," said Scarborough.
Capt. Edwards is also turning to teachers and parents to do their part.
"Schools fixin' to be out for a couple of weeks for the holidays and we just encourage people to be vigilant," said Edwards.
Law enforcement advises that if you see something, say something.
"The best thing to do if you find something like this and it looks very suspicious to you.. stand right there and notify law enforcement and let us come and take a look, and let us get that off the street," added Scarborough.
There were two cases near Tampa and Miami where officers found drugs disguised as different kinds of candy, like Sour Patch Kids. 

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