Items Stolen Off Child's Grave at Cemetery

GULF COUNTY, Fla. - A family is heartbroken after items are stolen off a child's grave at a Wewahitchka Cemetery. 
Every month, Pricilla Sylvester would go to her late sister's grave to pay her respects and maintain the grave site. Samantha Baxley was only 11 years old when she was killed by a drunk driver. To honor her memory, her parents bought roses to be placed at her grave, roses that are now missing. 
"That was something they bought together for their child that has passed and someone just took that from us. It's pretty heartbreaking" said Baxley's sister, Pricilla Sylvester.
After visiting the grave recently, the family discovered the large rose bushes were no where to be found. "We're just baffled as to why, I mean I don't know why anyone would want to take something off of a child's grave like that, something that meant something special to our family, it meant so much"  said Sylvester. 
A police report was filed and the Gulf County Sheriff's Office says they have increased patrols around Buckhorn Cemetery, they want to catch the suspect. However, the wounds are still fresh from this wrongdoing. 
"It's upset our entire family. Our distant relatives, everybody knows about it and everybody's so upset because if they only knew how much it meant to our family what those rose bushes meant, then they maybe would have thought twice before they took them" said Sylvester. 
Imprints of where the rose bush planter pots were placed act as reminders of the heartbreaking act. The family is trying to move past this situation and will be replacing the rose bushes on the grave. 
However, this time they say extra measures will be taken to ensure the roses stay for good. 

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