Inlet Beach Implements Plan to Control Future Development

Inlet Beach, Fla. - Battle after battle with developers, the Inlet Beach Neighborhood Association is putting their foot down. On Monday, a meeting was held in South Walton that has many Inlet Beach residents ready to take action.

Back in 1996, Inlet Beach developed a community neighborhood plan, similar to a comprehensive plan.

It was approved by the State, the neighborhood and Walton County Commissioners but, that plan was never updated.

Now years later, Inlet Beach is running into issues with developers wanting to build outside the scope of what is allowed.

Some residents say it's not about stopping development but, it's about preserving what they have.

"If growth here and development is uncontrolled, then the developers will determine what our community looks like and what happens to it in the future. We want the residents and the property owners here to control our own destiny,"  said Rich Jaffe, Historic Inlet Beach President.

The meeting is still underway and will be the first of several meetings. We will continue to follow this issue and keep you updated.

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