Volunteer Firefighters Help Rescue Trapped Semi Truck Driver

WALTON COUNTY, Fla. - Just a few miles away from Interstate 10, tucked away off Highway 90 in Walton County, you'll find the Argyle district, along with one of three volunteer fire stations.
"The biggest thing were about is helping out our neighbor," said Chief Jonathan Day.
About two weeks ago, that neighbor was a Pensacola man driving a semi truck on I-10, when he ran into the back of another semi.
"It took about two hours to get him out, to move the vehicle."
According to Florida Highway Patrol, the collision caused his semi truck to rollover an embankment and hit a tree. 
"Because of how he was pinned, it was difficult to get him out," said Day.
Argyle Fire volunteers are first on scene, tending to the driver, whose in bad shape, but alert and conscious.
"We were all talking to him you know," said Day. "He was having a lot of issues in there, and make sure he was alright and he knew that we were trying to get him out."
He grabbed the necessary equipment to start getting the man out of the badly damaged semi, but can only do so much until an area wrecker gets there to help too.
"I popped the door off and cut it off," said Argyle. "We had to cut the seat and get the wrecker to lift it up to get the door out of the way get the patient out."
A team effort by multiple agencies, but an example of a small department helping in a big way. 
"We couldn't have gotten the job done if it weren't for everyone that was there," said Day.
The driver was life-flighted to the hospital with serious injuries. The driver who he ran into was not hurt, but cited for faulty equipment.
News 13 also recognized the wrecker service, "White's Towing," for Bubba White's involvement in this rescue. Read that article here.

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