Holy Nativity Students Used Wrong Eclipse Glasses

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Students at a local private school used the wrong glasses to protect their eyes from the eclipse, according to a letter sent to parents from the school's Head of School. 

The glasses were purchased from Walmart and had the correct ISO number and were from one of the approved companies, wrote Head of School Judy Hughes.

However, a parent noticed some "irregularities" with the glasses and after they were checked by a local lab school officials learned that the glasses offered 99 percent protection from the sun versus 99.9 percent protection.

Hughes warned parents that the retina does not have pain nerves so if damaged a person would not feel pain. What they would notice is a blind spot, blurry vision, headache, distorted vision or changes in how someone sees color.

Hughes urged anyone who had those symptoms to notify her and see an eye doctor and noted that no one had come to school with any problems.

"I am overwhelmed with such a mixture of feelings," Hughes wrote. "My number one job is always safety and I am sick that someone could have been harmed. ... At the same time, watching the eclipse together was a wonderful, bonding and magnificent experience that I will always remember as being very special. I will count on that being our lasting memory of eclipse 2017."  


Holy Nativity Episcopal School

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