Haney Technical Welding Students Excel In Certifications

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - The main accomplishment for Haney Technical Center's Welding Technology students has been the outstanding pass rate for the students receiving welding certifications. 

Last month, twenty four students tested to become certified welders and all of them passed. Student welders participated in three certification tests and the pass rates of two of the exams were 100%.

The other certification, while not 100%, still had a high success rate. Twenty two welding students tested with the Boiler Makers Union at Haney. Their average pass rate for evaluations is usually less than 30% of those who test. Of the twenty two Haney students that tested, 18 of them passed translating to an 82% pass rate.

Students that passed have earned American Society of Mechanical Engineers section 9 welding certifications among other certifications. These certifications have inspired the students to achieve greatness in the field of welding. 

"It made me realize the ending goal that I have for myself now... That I can get a good job making a lot of money. I didn't really believe that I could do it in the beginning but eventually over time, I realized that I could achieve the goal that I want " said Welding Graduate, Jared Snow. 

Jared Snow had five hours to complete the National Boiler Service test and finished it in only 2 hours and 41 minutes, setting a new record time. Jared will be starting a job as a certified welder in Savannah on Monday, June 5th.

Those initially unfamiliar with welding, have turned it into their entire world. 

Zacchaeus Long came to Haney to complete his GED and since finishing that, he is currently working on completing the Advanced Welding Program. 

"I didn't know a thing about welding. I heard about the job opportunities and you know, the money... so I thought it would be something very good to get into and when I came here, I was actually scared but my instructors have really taught me well" Welding Student, Zacchaeus Long said. 

Instructors say the coursework and certifications have made the welding technology students career ready. 

"I'm very proud of them, we all worked really hard to achieve it and we all were excited that we all, pretty much everybody that took the test passed" said Snow.

The welding program for this year has come to a close but will start again at Haney Technical on August 17th. Registration for Haney will be open from July 24th- August 3rd. 


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