Gulf Coast State College Considers New Potential Partnership

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Gulf Coast State College is looking to combat the skill shortage in the industrial industry. The school is considering a new potential partnership to solve the issue. 

Scientific Management Technologies is a company geared towards solving the growing problems across industrial platforms through scientific based and data driven assessment and training programs.

"Our programs are used globally by large Fortune 500 type manufacturing organizations. The programs are used to increase the skill level of the workforce," said CEO & President Stephen Berry.

Berry was on GCSC's campus today to introduce and demonstrate some of the tools that are available to members of the local manufacturing community.

"It was a huge opportunity to demonstrate, not only assessment for a particular individual, but also the training process they would go through and how it would actually track the progress of those individuals," said GCSC Dean of Workforce Development Al McCambry. 

GCSC is committed to being able to fill in the missing pieces within the current workforce.

"We have the technologies available, but it's about creating those partnerships with Gulf Coast and the manufacturing community to help move that needle from entry level to mid level to seasoned level employees," said McCambry. 

Scientific Management Technologies believes it is the answer to local workforce issues.

"You have a shortage here in Northwestern Florida. We have a solution to the problem. Should the school deploy our programs, industrial performance and profitability would increase, and employment would increase," said Berry.

"We were just very pleased that our manufacturing community was able to see what we have potentially available. We are committed to being able to create that workforce that's needed. There are a lot of manufacturing opportunities here in the Northwest Florida region and Gulf Coast State College wants to be a partner and close that skills gap," said McCambry.

McCambry said if GCSC were to invest in all of the equipment, it could range as high as $400,000. 

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