Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center Acquires Da Vinci Xi Surgical Robot

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - It was a big day at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center today as the hospital showed off their latest and greatest surgical robot. It's called the da Vinci XI.

It may look like a robot from the future but it is actually one of the most advanced surgical technologies out there and now the da Vinci XI lives at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center. 

"For patients it is going to allow for that minimally invasive option for them for their surgical procedures," said GCRMC Chief Operating Officer Holly Dean.    

General Surgeon Dr. George Reiss explained how the four surgical arms can work:

"One arm can hold a liver up, one arm is for the camera so you can see what's going on and the other two arms are basically my hands," said Dr. Reiss. 

The hospital has four robots already but at nearly $2 million, the da Vinci XI is by far the biggest addition. 

"The size of the machine is actually very large but the arms are much smaller than the prior generation so it allows a person to work in a small space," said Dr. Reiss. 

That is great news for pediatric surgeries and patients as a whole.

"We are expecting a shorter hospital stay, less blood loss, as well as a reduced need for pain medication," said Dean. 

With the precision of the robot, patients can expect quicker surgeries and smaller incisions which leads to faster recovery time and fewer complications. 

"We're thrilled about the technology and were thrilled about the investment were able to make here at Gulf Coast Regional and for the communities we serve," said Dean. 

The hospital hopes the robot can come to life for surgeries by the end of January. This is the first da Vinci XI robot in Bay County which makes a total of three in the region. The other two are in Pensacola and Dothan, Alabama. 

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