Governor Scott Visits Eastern Shipbuilding to Celebrate Coast Guard Contract

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Back in September, Eastern Shipbuilding Group was awarded a $10 billion contract to build cutters for the U.S. Coast Guard.
"I doubt that there's many contracts like this that have ever been awarded in the state of Florida. I doubt that there's one," said Governor Rick Scott.
Even into November, the celebration hasn't stopped.
Governor Scott made his way to the shipyard in Panama City on Wednesday.
"I think it's important to celebrate success. This was a big deal," said Scott.
Scott went around the shipyard taking a look at some of Eastern's current projects, including one ship that will be ready to head to Alaska next month.
"I served in the Navy and he's building ships bigger than what I served on," said Scott.
One thing Scott focuses on most is creating jobs in Florida, and he took time to brag on Eastern's President/CEO, Brian D'Isernia for his work securing the contract.
"What's impressive about this is that Eastern Shipbuilding is not one of the biggest companies in the country. It's a company that took a lot of risk, but they were sort of the David and Goliath, they were the David and did outstanding, so congratulations on that," said Scott.
"We're very thankful that we were able to be the successful bidder on the United States Coast Guard off-shore patrol cutter contract. This is a major acquisition for our Coast Guard and for our Country," said Brian D'Isernia, President/CEO, Eastern Shipbuilding Group.
Scott said with the help of Eastern, the future of jobs in Bay Count is bright.
"The Panama City area has added 3,000 jobs over the last 12 months and their rate's down to 4.9, but I think with what Brian and Eastern Shipbuilding are going to be doing here, the unemployment rate will continue to come down," said Scott.
Governor Scott was joined this morning by the Panama City Mayor, Bay County Commissioners, and newly elected state and U.S. Senators and Representatives to celebrate.

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