Gov. Scott Proposes More Money for Classroom Supplies

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - Governor Rick Scott is proposing more money be given to Florida's teachers for classroom supplies next school year.

Scott announced Wednesday that his budget proposal will include $63 Million for Teacher Supply Grants. That breaks down to about $350 for each teacher.

Local teachers told News 13 every little bit counts, but the increase is only a fraction of what they spend on getting their rooms ready.

"It would definitely help because teachers do spend a lot of their own money, from ink cartridges at home when we're printing out things to or stuff for the treasure box," said Kristin Jeffrey, a third grade teacher at Waller Elementary School.

"I provide snack for my kids everyday. I make sure they have the things that they need for school to be a safe and welcoming environment for them so a little bit extra would be nice," said Rebekah Wishart, a kindergarten teacher at Waller.

The state gave teachers about $250 this year to buy classroom supplies. Jeffrey and Wishart received their checks a few weeks ago but said they had spent that money before school started in August.

"Students need to be excited to come to school, and if your classroom isn't exciting, it's not exciting for them," Wishart said.

The teachers estimate they've spent double, if not triple, the amount of money they received this year.

"I do it for the kids," Jeffrey said.  "It's for them. That's what I'm here for."

Teachers said businesses in the community also provide a lot of supplies they need at the beginning of the year.

Lawmakers will consider Scott's proposal during their next legislative session.

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